PowerQuest 0.16.0

A unity tool for creating 2d point and click adventure games!


  • Built specifically for 2d sprite based point and click adventure games.
  • The fast workflow, and ease-of-use of Adventure Game Studio but with all the power of Unity.
  • Specialised handling of both pixel art, and high-res games.
  • Select from Lucasarts style 9-Verb or Modern One/Two click template interfaces. Or roll your own.
  • Central PowerQuest window keeps all your characters, rooms, inventory items, and dialog trees in one place, easy to find and easy to edit.
  • Smooth scrolling camera with parallax.
  • Simple but powerful custom 2d audio system.
  • Powerful sprite animation system (PowerSprite) included (usually $10 on its own).
  • Easy-as directional animation handling.
  • Text export to script file for dialog recording. Speech/voice support and automatic lip-sync generation using Rhubarb.
  • Text export to csv, for localisation.
  • Patch friendly Save/Restore system saves/restores all your variables automatically.

Scripting Features

  • Create or edit an interaction with the click of a button (eg: Use Door)
  • The Quest Script Editor lets you quickly edit interactions in simplified dialog style language. eg:
  • Script hot-loading: Add interactions on the fly while playing the game
  • Scripts save to native unity c# so you’re able to do anything unity allows you to
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