PowerQuest  0.15.3
IImage Interface Reference

Detailed Description

Gui Image

    Image.LockedIndicator.Image = "Unlocked";

Inherits IGuiControl.


string Anim [get, set]
bool Animating [get]
- Properties inherited from IGuiControl
MonoBehaviour Instance [get]
 Access to the actual game object component in the scene. Note that controls themselves can be cast to their component type if known. More...
bool Visible [get, set]
 Sets the control visible invisible the control. More...
Vector2 Position [get, set]

Public Member Functions

void PauseAnimation ()
void ResumeAnimation ()
void StopAnimation ()
Coroutine PlayAnimation (string animName)
void PlayAnimationBG (string animName)
void AddAnimationTrigger (string triggerName, bool removeAfterTriggering, System.Action action)
void RemoveAnimationTrigger (string triggerName)
Coroutine WaitForAnimTrigger (string triggerName)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IGuiControl
void Show ()
 Shows the control. More...
void Hide ()
 Hides the control. More...
void SetPosition (float x, float y)
 Sets the position of the control. Note that this will be overridden if using AlignTo or FitTo component. More...