PowerQuest 0.18.3
Getting Started

Get Unity

Unity v2020 is recommended.

  • Later versions are alright, but may be unstable (since I'm not using them day-to-day myself). It's a good idea to stick to unity's Long Term Support releases as they're less buggy.
  • NB: If using a later unity version, you will need to remove the "Visual Scripting" package in the package manager.

Save early, save often - Backup regularly, or (ideally) use version control like SVN or GIT. Something will sooner or later trash your files or scripts ;)

Download PowerQuest

Click "Download Now", then "No thanks, just take me to the downloads", to get it for free.

Creating a New Project

  • Set up PowerQuest in a new project:
    • Open Unity hub, click NEW. (Select version 2020.3 if you have multiple versions installed).
    • Choose 2D, select a project name and location, then click CREATE.
    • Once unity loads, double-click the PowerQuest .unitypackage you downloaded from itch.io, and click Import on the window that pops up.
    • A PowerQuest window should appear shortly. Dock it where you want
    • Choose a template to start with, and hit the Set it up! Button.
  • Run the demo game:
    • Hit the play button in the unity editor to test the demo game. Press the stop button once you're done.
    • Hit the Scene button next to the Forest room in the PowerQuest window.
    • Hit play to test from that scene.
  • Now dive in and start changing stuff, and adding your own.
    • You can delete the template stuff later. For now use them as an example and starting point.

Find Help

Video Tutorial

Next: Have a look at the Scripting Introduction, which explains how scripting works in PowerQuest.